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Measuring your Roof/skylight Window
Check your Velux, new Generation Velux, Fakro, Keylite, Rooflite and Dakstra windows plate for your window reference.
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Velux Blinds
If you've decided to do the measuring yourself, we recommend you follow these guidelines.

Measuring inside a window recess:
If your window is set into a recess it needs to be 7.5cm deep in order to fit in the blind mechanism. Double check how much space any window handles need to hang the blind in front of them.
Measure both the width and the length of the space to get the right dimensions. Remember to take measurements at different points and use the smallest to ensure accuracy.
If you prefer to hang your blind in front of the recess, position it as far above as you choose, then measure the inside of the recess crosswise and add a minimum of 0.5cm to each side.
Blinds with cords should only be selected if the head rail
height will be greater than 1.5m from the floor. If the head
rail is less than 1.5m then we cannot fit a corded blind.

Measuring outside a window recess
If you’re fitting your blind outside a recess, it’s a matter of taste how high or low you fit it – though we recommend leaving around 10cm above the window frame or recess. 
If you’re fitting a corded blind keep cords and chains out of the reach of children. Always install a safety device to any window fitted with a blind. Don't tie chains or cords together. Keep furniture that children can climb on away from windows.
Brackets are usually positioned one at each end but some wider blinds, particularly Venetians, need an additional centre bracket for support.
Always Child Safety - 1st
Measure Right
Simple measures can be taken to minimise risks and keep your child safe. Moving beds, cots and furniture away from windows and ensuring cords do not twist, become tied together or create a loop. With Window Blinds you can be confident that the product choices you make are child safety focused.
All our blinds are made to measure to your exact requirements, meaning no need for cutting down readymade products to size by yourself. If you know your sizes or how to measure for them, then contact us with your requirements. If you know your sizes but are unsure what product you require, check our project section for inspiration. If you require guidance on how to measure please follow our instructions above or give us a call if still unsure. 
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